Brenham Catering Company specializes in
exceeding customer's expectations!

Our staff of seasoned veterans has the
experience to guide you through event
planning, menu selection, and all of the fine
details that will make your event special.
Our Director of Catering Operations, Mr. Jeff Bazar will
coordinate all event planning, menu consultation, price
quotations, and event execution.  Mr. Bazar has extensive
experience in the field of food service and understands the
importance of not only planning a quality event, but doing
everything necessary to make it happen!

Our Executive chef, Mr. Rey Padron, will ensure all aspects of
food preparation and presentation are to your high quality
standards.  Mr. Padron has a wealth of experience in the
kitchens of some of Houston's most famous restaurants
including elan and Boca Del Rio.  He has been the featured
chef of televised gourmet cooking demonstrations in the
Houston area.
Brenham Catering Company

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